Five places to visit while you are in Dordogne – 1: Les Vieilles Tours

Les vieilles tours 1les vieilles tours 2les vieilles tours 3LES Vieilles tours 4Les vieilles tours 5

The pictures above are taken from the website of Les Vieilles Tours

The first place I want to recommend is the beautiful Hotel Les Vieilles Tours, situated just outside Rocamadour. After a long trip in a hot, not air conditioned car, it is a blessing to arrive in this calm and quiet spot. Though near the Middle Aged heart of Rocamadour, where tourists and pilgrims are everywhere, this place invites you to find peace and serenity. At the end of a very small peasant way, we saw the beautiful main building of the hotel, lying in a welcoming shadow. With walls as thick as the walls of a fortress, the temperature inside the reception is comfortable. We’re welcomed by the friendly owner Mme Catherine Delpech. She shows us our room for the next five nights. We will spend these next days in a house in the middle of the garden, not far from the main wing. In normal circumstances, the garden is a green oasis. But in the weeks before our arrival there hasn’t fallen one drop of rain. And the garden is now yellow and dry. That’s a shame, but then again, we are grateful the weather is so nice, warm and sunny. Once we’ve left our luggage in our room, we move our sweaty, exhausted bodies to a bed near the swimming pool. The view is magic. We look over the valley, only trees and vineyards surround us. The cold water is a relief and we enjoy it.

Les vieilles tours 6Les vieilles tours 7Les vieilles tours 8Les vieilles tours 9

These pictures are mine.

After this refreshing dip we prepared for dinner at the chateau 😉 The restaurant at this hotel is very well known, and we can only agree that the dinners we’ve enjoyed here where delicious. Dinner, as well as breakfast is served on the terrace, with the same beautiful view over the valley. Romantic, that’s for sure, especially when it’s getting darker, and the candles are lit.

Myriam en Johan 16-8-15

Les vieilles tours 10Les vieilles tours 11

I can only say this: if you are planning to visit the region of Rocamadour, this hotel is thé place to stay. You will be delighted in every way.

We were!!!


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