#I am human.


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Non, je ne suis pas Charlie, je ne suis pas Nice, ni Paris.

Ik ben niet Brussel.

أنا لست بغداد (Ik ben niet Bagdad)

Ben İstanbul değilim (Ik ben niet Istanbul)

Ik ben een mens, un être humain, a human being. 

At this very moment, I am a very sad, very emotional, very scared human being.

Because on this earth, some creatures are wandering, growing hatred and revenge in their hearts. Nothing els. Just hatred. Just revenge.

When I allow my better self to speak, I imagine these creatures once were persons, who cherished other feelings, warm and special feelings, such as hope, friendship, love, happiness. Typically human feelings. Along the way of life, these positive elements disappeared, and they have chosen black darkness, despair, sadness and misery. And they considered it normal to drag down many others in this spiral of hopelessness.

At this moment I am so emotional that I can no longer consider them to be humans, I don’t want to see them as such. Not even animals act like this. But in our race, the human race, it has been common sense since the earliest times: the need to destroy, to kill, to have power over other people, to impose ones ideal with an iron fist and without mercy, and to kill everyone who doesn’t approve.

Wars are of all times, they just become more grim, with more victims, more sophisticated weapons, always new strategies.

Now, after seventy years of relative calm,  War comes creeping into the bastion of Europe. Devious and in disguise, terror.

They win if we close our doors, with thick bolts and padlocks, if we consider any stranger to be a possible suspect, if we believe that Islam and IS are one and the same. They win if we believe that giving shelter to political refugees is the cause of all what is happening right now.

They win when we start hating ourselves , and when despair takes over. We can’t allow this to happen!!!!!!

We are all human beings, do not let these confused haters drag us into their darkness. Then they have really won.

© Myriam

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